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Information Technology

The main focus of the Holding Company is the IT field as it exists in this field since 1 990 through Egypt Computer Center Company as it is one of the pioneers companies in IT field in Egypt and is the sole distributor of all LG Computer Products in Egypt since year 2000 , So its main focus is the sub distribution.

After the establishment of the first computer mall in Egypt at 1 997 , the need to establish a new company to target the IT and used directly without any middle company has surfaced, so we established Technology Valley Company.


Our vision is to become the clear leader in the retail business of IT and Mobile products, in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East . Our goal is to support a business environment that provides "best in class" service for our customers delivered by professionals methods .

Mission and Values

Our mission is providing our clients with the most satisfaction in-store experience while shopping for IT and Mobile products. We are goanna to cherish our existing customer base and build relevance with new one . To achieve our mission, we will live by the following values:


Motivating and retain high performing people in all areas nf our business.

Customer Focus

Provide quality service to our customers , by listening, understanding their needs , responding fairly and livin! up to our commitments.

Good Citizenship

comply with applicable laws and regulations at all government levels wherever we do business .


Because Marketing is the core of any stable busines in the world, we care too much about our channels and keen on developing it on a regular basisto add value to our targted market in all sectors.